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Christopher Nolan Profile,Bio and Images 2011

Christopher Nolan


Birth Name:Christopher Nolan
Birth Date:07/30/1971
Birthplace:London, England
Credits:15 Movies, 0 TV appearances, 15 awards
Brother: Jonathan NolanWrote short story upon which "Memento" (2000) was based
Children: Has four children with wife, Emma Thomas
Father: English
Mother: American
Wife: Emma Thomas
Married in 1997; produced "Memento" (2000), "Batman Begins" (2005) and "The Dark Knight" (2008)

Born July 30, 1971 in England, Nolan moved to Chicago, IL with his British father and American mother during his formative years. Like many future filmmakers, Nolan began making amateur movies at an early age, playing around with a Super 8mm camera that belonged to his father. After returning to England to attend boarding school at Haileybury College, he matriculated at University College in London to study literature. During his time at University College, Nolan began to take an interest in film, shooting several shorts for the college film society, including "Tarantella" (1989), which was showcased in the United States on PBS. By the mid-1990s, he began working with actor Jeremy Theobold, who appeared in the shorts "Larceny" and "Doodlebug." Nolan then made his feature debut with "Following" (1998), a 16mm black-and-white film noir he spent a year shooting on weekends with a budget of $6,000. "Following" told the tale of a blocked writer (Theobold) who spends his days stalking strangers with the hope of jump-starting his imagination. But when one of his so-called victims (Alex Haw) turns the tables, the scribe suddenly finds himself as the fall-guy in a series of break-ins. Juggling time via flashbacks and flash forwards, Nolan established a key signature of his work in which chronology takes a back seat to character.
While Ledger was honored with a posthumous Oscar for his compelling performance, Nolan was largely shut out of the awards race due in part to "The Dark Knight" being a tent pole studio film based on a comic book. For the following year's Academy Awards ceremony, a grand total of 10 Best Picture nominations were presented as a way of opening up the competition to films like "The Dark Knight," though the gesture came too late for Nolan's efforts. He moved on to direct one of the most talked about movies in years, "Inception" (2010), a richly textured and visually stunning heist thriller set in the world of lucid dreaming. Nolan conceived of the idea a decade before making the film, but needed time to build more clout before tackling such an ambitious project. The movie centered on Dominic Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio), a professional thief who can plunge into the minds of unwitting targets in order to carry out various missions of sabotage and espionage. Haunted by the death of his wife (Marion Cotillard), Cobb assembles a crack team that includes a fresh-faced dream architect (Ellen Page) to implant a fake idea into the mind of the heir (Cillian Murphy) to a corporate empire at the behest of a Japanese rival (Ken Watanabe). Far and away the most original film to emerge from a major Hollywood studio in years, "Inception" was widely hailed for its visionary style and innovative storytelling, which included a multi-layered dream sequence wrapped inside a daring heist. All told, "Inception" was a box office phenomenon, earning close to $900 million worldwide. It also landed on many year-end Top Ten lists while amassing numerous award nominations, including Golden Globe nods for Best Motion Picture - Drama, Best Screenplay and Best Director for Nolan. Although he was shut out of the Best Director category, Nolan earned an Academy Award nod for Best Original Screenplay and as the film's co-producer, shared in a Best Picture nomination as well.
 Christopher Nolan
 Christopher Nolan
 Christopher Nolan
 Christopher Nolan
 Christopher Nolan
 Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan

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